Matthew Haber is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary designer, inventor, and entrepreneur. His work straddles the fields of UI/UX, experiential, mechatronic, stage, and industrial design with a focus on creating compelling products and experiences that live at the intersection of digital and physical.

After receiving his BFA in stage design from Boston University, Matthew worked extensively as an associate and assistant projection designer for Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional, and touring productions around the world. After joining United Scenic Artists Local 829, he developed his own projection design practice and began to apply these same skills to adjacent fields such as corporate events, museums, trade-shows, and themed entertainment.

Matthew’s work in the corporate experience space led him to a stint serving as the Managing Partner of multimedia design studio Imaginary Media and ultimately to the co-founding of BeSide Digital in 2016. At BeSide, he served as Managing Director alongside co-founder and Chief Creative, Phillip Gulley.

Through BeSide he served as a designer and technical consultant for stage, themed entertainment, retail, and event projects for brands as varied as Cadillac, Armani, Google, Dell, Samsung, Visa, American Express, Tiffany & Co, GQ, The City of New York, Refinery29, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art and worked with preeminent artists such as Dave Chappelle. BeSide's work can also be seen extensively in the immersive video elements, innovative holographic projections, and interactive show control system featured in the touring Walking Dead Experience and in the recently launched Skeleton Key chain of escape rooms.

BeSide’s innovative interactive and themed entertainment work led them into the fields of product, automotive, and industrial design. Through BeSide, Matthew has led projects as varied as R&D for consumer electronics in the health & wellness space, industrial design for high-performance servers, and software and hardware development for next-generation autonomous vehicles.

In 2019, BeSide’s core design and technology practice was acquired by Opus Agency and private equity firm Growth Catalyst Partners and integrated into their New York experiential team, MAS Event + Design. Matthew continues to lead an expanded interactive design and development team under the BeSide brand as VP of Interactive Production. Through the acquisition, BeSide’s Xperience prototyping software suite for themed entertainment and automotive design was spun off into the newly formed Xperience Software LLC.

In his fleeting spare time he flies small airplanes.