Little Women
Opera, 2016

Creative Team

By Mark Adamo
Venue Madison Opera, Overture Center
Stage Director/Scenic Designer Candace Evans
Projection Designer Matthew Haber
Lighting Designer Todd Hensley
Costume Designer Karen Brown-Larimore

Projection Team

Video Programmer Matt Rockwell

Photo Credits James Gill


"Projections, designed by Matthew Haber, transform blank shapes into building exteriors and decorate the March house with flowers for Meg's wedding. Particularly affecting were the white outlined illustrations of clocks, gloves, outdoor scenes, Jo's frantic handwriting as she pens her short stories, and a city skyline, projected onto the fabric scrims. They washed the stage in delicate images, complementing key moments in the story.”
-Gwen Rice (The Cap Times)

" marvelous effect after another with white-silhouetted projections on a gauzy scrim...”
-Greg Hattmansberger (WhatGregSays)