Rite of Spring
Multimedia Concert Experience, 2018

More About the Project

Creative Team

Composer Igor Stravinsky
Orchestra Oregon Symphony
Venue Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Conductor Carlos Kalmar
Production Designer Matthew Haber

Projection Team

Associate Projection Designer Chelsie McPhilimy
Assistant Scenic Designer Julia Buerkle
3D Animation & Compositing Kevin Nunez
D3 Programmer Chet Miller
Projectionist Matt Stone
Location Cinematography Assistant Samuel Juhnke
Content Creation & Production Services BeSide Digital
Projection Screen Fabrication Rosebrand & Infinite Scenic

Photo Credits Jacob Wade


"The moving shapes and images on screen tied to every note. Nothing was left out, from the piccolo shrieks being paired with a racing rainbow of colors to the percussion dictating when certain shapes rose and fell. At one point, when the music’s ominous dissonance grew, the shapes gave way to a stony, desolate earth that moved with the fluidity of water, following every contour of the melody in a queasy manner...The music lends itself to being wildly energetic, and Kalmar brought that out in a way that connected beautifully with Haber’s vivid images playing above the orchestra.”
-Colton Trujillo (Vanguard)

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