Rock and Roll Refugee
Musical (World Premier), 2016

Creative Team

By Chris Henry & Genya Ravan
Venue Royal Family Productions, NY
Scenic Designers Cheyenne Sykes & Alex Petersen
Projection Designer Matthew Haber
Lighting Designer Elizabeth A. Coco
Costume Designer Lux Haac
Sound Designers Danny Erdberg & Jeanne Wu

Projection Team

Associate Projection Designer Chelsie McPhilimy

Photo Credits Russ Rowland


"Matthew Haber's video projections blend perfectly with Cheyenne Sykes' and Alex Petersen's stripped-down sets, creating with minimal elements the war-town Europe from which Ravan fled, the gritty neighborhoods in which she came of age, and the nascent rock scene through which she would ultimately thrive.”
-Emily Cordes (

"the highlight of the production's design was Matthew Haber's flawless video design. Melding moving images with period photos, Haber's design set the ambiance better than anything else. They were never on point yet told the story they needed to tell. Rock and Roll Refugee would be an entirely different show without them.”
-Michael Block (Theater In The Now)