Musical (World Premier), 2015

Creative Team

By Nick Blaemire
Venue Signature Theatre
Director Matthew Gardiner
Projection Designer Matthew Haber
Set Designer Daniel Conway
Lighting Designer Brian Tovar
Costume Designer Frank Labovitz
Sound Designer Lane Elms

Projection Team

Assistant Projection Designer Hannah Marsh
Projection Research Assistant Julia Buerkle

Photo Credits Teresa Wood


"Matthew Haber's projection design does a great job illustrating the environmental calamity and guiding us through the steps Blaemire maps out..."
-Nelson Pressley, Washington Post

"...head-spinning projections from Matthew Haber."
-DC Metro Theater Arts

"...the production offers innovative visual interest throughout, with large-scale projections cast over the impeccably detailed set..."
-DC Theatre Scene

"This was a technologically savvy production, and as a child of the computer age, I reveled in the use of lighting, sound, and projections that brought the end of the world into focus and simultaneously illuminated the heart of the story."
-MD Theatre Guide

"Matthew Haber's projections are excellent, too, blanketing the stage in a grid of televised images of armageddon, then later turning that cramped apartment into a wide-open patch of Central Park."
-Washington City Paper

"Matthew Haber's cleverly designed projections, which broadcast new reports, weather and abstractions--and at one point transform the entire stage into a park. They deepen the audience's understanding of Charlie's headspace, and are impressive in scope."

"Also of note are the production values enhanced by the work of Projection Designer, Matthew Haber..."
-The Alexandria Times